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About TOR Real Estate

TOR agents are your real estate problem solvers. We are professionally licensed Realtors and Brokers offering “REAL” savings

  • We Buy Houses
  • Flat Fee Pocket Listing (Pay only one broker to list, market, and sell your home)
  • Discount Realtor Services

TOR Real Estate's Mission Statement:

To think, to create, and innovate. To think outside the box to be the problem solvers of your real estate transaction.  We develop and educate our clients on home selling solutions that are unique, useful, desirable, and most importantly- in the seller's best interest. Our innovative thinking will attract customers to us. Our solutions are not "cookie cutter" or the "one size fits all" listing program typically found at the large and overpriced brokers. This avenue will naturally lead to opportunities for real estate professionals to be very successful in ways never possible at the big box brokers.

TOR Real Estate Core Values:

Nimbleness and Flexibility- what is here today may be gone tomorrow.  What works today may not work tomorrow.  We will be quick to shift to what the market demands.  Apathy and stagnation will result in failure.

Accountability- we are all only as good as the weakest link.  Our job titles may vary, but our level of dignity does not.  Everyone is free to speak frankly, honestly and openly- but more importantly, everyone is expected to.

Innovation- this business was founded on creativity and new ideas.  Dare to think different and to not follow the normal.  By being unique we will separate ourselves from those that only know how to operate in an environment that is comfortable and conforming to them.

Fun- need I say more?  This business can deliver the income, flexibility, and freedom that others envy and dream about.  Enjoy your life, family, and friends.  Dig your toes into the sand, smile at a stranger, and yes- stop to smell the flowers.

Comradeship- we are all in this together.  We work together, laugh together, and celebrate together.  However, if one of us gets down the rest of us surround them.  We carry our own when needed and have the assurance the we will have the support of our colleges if we need.  When the going gets tough- we stick together.

Are you interested in joining us on our journey?

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