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Ok. You got that number in your head, right? Well, I can grantee you that it’s a sizeable sum of money that you’d much rather see in your pocket on closing day than pay to another Realtor. If that assumption is right read on.

Discount Full-Service Realtor

TOR Real Estate’s number one value is innovation. We are out-side of the box thinkers and we dare to embrace change. And make no mistake, the real estate market is prime for change. A Full-Service licensed TOR Real Estate Realtor will sit down with you to explain how we can capture more eyes of potential buyers than other “Big Box” brokers. While the MLS is a powerful marketing tool this is by no means the only way to get a lot of exposure to sell your home.

It’s pretty simple really, the internet has changed the way we do things. I don’t have to point out how this has changed banking, booking travel, or how it’s rapidly disrupting retail. While the MLS takes advantage of the internet too in many ways, it usually comes at a hefty price of 6% of your home’s value. Using our unique formula and marketing strategy, we can put your listing directly in front of more potential buyers using sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and advanced analytics and demographics. We use a unique formula for reaching a targeted audience, well a little techy.

While other brokers take a one size fits all to selling. To sum it up, they virtually all list it on the MLS then you pay a hefty commission to another Realtor and Broker who represents the buyer. To add insult to injury, you, the seller pays the fees to the party that is often negotiating against their best interest. It’s almost puree insanity. We take the approach where we help facilitate a transaction from listing to closing without the interference of multiple Realtors, Brokers (and sometimes their egos) get in the way.

There’s nothing like precision when comes to targeting your home to the people who are most likely to buy it. We like to focus our efforts on a targeted approach. The MLS takes a mass approach where your home is just another house listed in the massive database. While we can list your home in the MLS too (unfortunately this is where the cost of selling can start to go up), we like to focus on a targeted approach.

Its Quick And Easy to Get your Home Listed on The MLS

  • First Seller
  • Seller Two (if required)
  • This is the list price home will be advertised at. Price changes can be made at a later time by notifying the Broker in writting.
  • The date this listing agreement will initiate.
    Listing Agreement
  • First Seller's Signiture
  • Second Seller's Signiture
  • Please upload one front exterior photo of the property. Up to 24 additional photos may be emailed to that will be added to your listing. Please remember to use your address in the subject of the email.
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