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Flat Fee Listing form 3 of 3

  • First Seller
  • Seller Two (if required)
  • This is the list price home will be advertised at. Price changes can be made at a later time by notifying the Broker in writting.
  • MLS rules require that some sort of compensation be offered to Realtors to be list on their MLS system. $89 is the default value to offer a cooperating buyers agent, however, you are free to change this to any amount. Please understand that we will be unable able to list properties that offer 0% or $0.

    Thank you.

  • The date this listing agreement will initiate.
  • First Seller's Signiture
  • Second Seller's Signiture
  • Please upload one front exterior photo of the property. Up to 24 additional photos may be emailed to RealEstate100.com@gmail.com that will be added to your listing. Please remember to use your address in the subject of the email.