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In Recent years, we’ve built our business around finding, rehabbing, and selling homes that are in need of some TLC. However, the thought buying a home and renovating it seems daunting for many buyers. Well, we can help. Hearing your “wants” and ‘needs” list, we can shop for a fixer-upper that may be more inline with your budget. While many people’s first reaction, is something like. “this home is filthy” or “it’s so out dated” or even “I could never live here.” Once our redesign and rehab teams finish a property, people are lining up and bidding up the price on these homes that were once considered old and obsolete. By taking on a rehab, you can likely get most everything you want and need along with having instant equity in the home. Having done many of these, which is a major part of our overall business, we can help you find and redesign a fixer-upper into you dream home.

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