Helping Home sellers in Tough Positions

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Helping Home sellers in Tough Positions2018-02-20T08:53:03+00:00

I just wanted to reiterate again how happy I am that you have decided to join our Property Scout Program.
Really all you have to do is be the “eyes and ears” of your neighborhood   helping us seek new property opportunities, while saving your community from foreclosure, probate, tax lien, or divorce situation, etc.
While we never mean it in a in a hurtful way, but sometime we are exactly what some home sellers need. Unfortunately, someone’s misfortune creates out opportunities for us. Many times, we are exactly what a home seller needs at just the right time. Quick cash, the postponing or canceling of a foreclosure judgments, or auctions, and  can often be the best circumstance for a home owner in a tough position.
We are not the best solution for all sellers all of the time. However, we are often the perfect the perfect solution for some sellers a lot of the time.