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Are you, or do want to become a Realtor and an Investor?

Then maybe we you are a match for TOR Real Estate, a non-traditional real estate brokerage. Traditional brokers are single dimensional offing their customers a one-size selling solution through the MLS. TOR Real Estate Realtors are problem solvers and outside of the box thinkers. We are different because we provide our customers with SOLUTIONS to their selling needs.

Ever seen that great deal but come up with the cash fast enough to secure the deal?

I bet your same-old-same-old broker doesn’t give you aces to a cash line of credit to secure that amazing deal before someone else nabs it. TOR Real Estate does! This can be where agents are able to accelerate their earnings. Sometimes purchasing or securing the property in using the broker’s line of credit is just the first bonus. Second, TOR Real Estate’s innovative and low-cost way of selling means more much more cash at closing to your bottom line.

As an example, think how this could work with a flip. Quickly secure the property using other people’s cash, then when it’s time to sell, you act as your own agent using one of our low-fee models.  


Are you tired of prospecting, farming, or cold calling? With a built-in value proposition and a winning formula, our customers seek us out. Our customers often first approach us about getting a cash offer for their home. We are happy to do so, but many times depending on their situation, we can also present our sellers with our other low-cost selling solutions. We aim to be an end-to-end solution brokerage specifically geared to the agent & investor. We know you are an expert in your local market and know when a deal may be had. Our agents have access to a line of credit, and the ability to write cash As-Is offers for short term funding to secure a quick deal.

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