Our Unique Approach to Helping Real Estate Investors

/Our Unique Approach to Helping Real Estate Investors
Our Unique Approach to Helping Real Estate Investors2017-12-14T06:51:38+00:00

We Love Working with Investors!

We have a pretty strait forward solution for any individual to increase their net worth through our four-step program.

FIND – We Dig Deep Into the Trenches to Find Distressed Properties and Attempt to Acquire Them Below Market Value.

  • We “Bird Dog” our local markets to find deals that have potential given some of their feature and the market trend.
  • While some investments can be “turn key” usually the buyer is able to unlock most of the value through doing a repairs, tweaks, and sometimes full renovations. Once these issues are addressed; the properties full value can be realized.
  • Our listings have value, we don’t guarantee you’ll see overnight success thought. Often the buyer has to invest their time and/or resources to unlock the properties full value.

Fund – There Are Usually Two Options When Buying a Distressed home from TOR

  • First, we have to say not all of our properties are distressed. We sell more move in ready home than we do distress ones. However, for the sake of is real estate investor program for investors we are often taking about distressed properties.
  • Self-funding. This is where you have the money upfront to invest into the property. As they say, cash is king. This is a great way to purchase a property, just keep in mind the costs needed for after purchase repairs. Don't quite have enough cash? Read on...
  • Hard Money. Maybe you do not quite have the means to self-finance a property. Hard Money is always a good option. Others being Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) against current real estate you own or a bridge loan. TOR Real Estate has an in-house Hard Money program that can get you into an otherwise unattainable deal. Hard Money Loans are usually short term in nature, and remain in place until the property is fixed of defects and conventional financing is available. Once the repairs are made the common practice is to obtain traditional financing at a much lower long-term rate than Hard Money.

FIX – Once You Have Purchased the Property, You’ll Want to Get to Work as Quickly As Soon As Possible To Unlock Its True Value and to Realize Your Gains.

  • For small jobs and handy individuals, there may be an option to earn some sweat equity in your new investment.
  • Contractors are the way to go thou for large projects. Since quality matters this is usually the recommended rout.
  • While TOR Real Estate is not a contractor, however, we can often connect you with one best suited for the scope of your job. They can asset in picking out the materials that are right for your project.

Future – As you Near the Completion of Your Project, You’ll Want to Have a Plan on How Your Investment Will Pay You Back.

  • This is where you are in luck. TOR does not just sell you a home, but we want to be your partner on the sale of your just completed project.
  • This is where our innovative and low-cost selling solutions come into play. You can read more about how we are blazing our own path into a new era of real estate marketing here. We can sell your completed home for much less than a traditional Realtor helping you to keep much more of that hard-earned equity in your pocket.
  • We don’t want to just sell you one home and consider the transaction complete. Instead our reputation and end-to-end partnership will often lead us to soon partner again on another deal.

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